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Membership Benefits 
*Inspections by qualified judges
*Discounted advertising rates in the Friesian Blood & Baroque Horse Magazine
*A one year subscription to The Friesian Blood & Baroque Horse Magazine
*Discounted stud fees to several stallions 
* Your stallion featured at each Show/Expo we attend

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Uldrik 457 wins last year 2010 championship at the Stallion show and was again in 2011
Teunis is PREFERENT!!!!! 
Son Harmen accepts the award.
KFPS booth
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The horses registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry are welcome to join us in all of our inspections. If you own a Friesian cross that is registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry and would like more info about 
having it inspected, contact us 

 to all the Friesian Sport Horses

PO Box 134
Garrison MN 56450-0134
USA and Canada Association
Mexico Association
Israel  Association

Additional Associations Pending
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Now offering DNA testing for Friesian Horse Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus.