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Sanctioned stallions - Friesian Blood
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Friso the Magnificent 
 (aka: Friso P.)
Sire: Feitse 293 Pref FPS  *  Dam: Brecht A. 
owned by Friesian Harts of Texas, Deb & Dave Hart

Sire: Dutch  *  Dam: Isabelle -  2005 
FBHR Champion Owned by 
Joel & Lisa Wussow
Friesian Blood Ranch

Sire: Teunis #332 Pref  *  Dam: Brenda H. model
Owned by Excalibur Breeding Center 
TIm & Brenda Johnson

"Apollo"  Gooitzen fan 't Wyldpaed  
FPS STER Sire: Feitse 293 PREFERENT  (Netherlands) 
Dam: Sonja K (Netherlands)
Owned by Integrity Friesians for more 
info and photos contact John 707-365-0070 

Royal Knight Arturias 
Sire: Tjesse #400  *  Dam: Sjoukje Carelyna 
Owned by Janna Brachtenbach
Zane Brachtenbach
398167 W 1200 RD
Dewey, Ok 

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Reginald di Boscodonne
Sire: Fabe # 348  Dam: Faith
Owned by Sally O'Dell
780-785-4077 or 780-621-4772

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Wichard H.V.  STER                       
Sire: Harmen 424 Sport    Dams sire: Sierk 326
owned by: Hector Rosas
Phone: (214) 257-3019  
6470 FM2728
Terrell, TX 75161​

Sire: Tsjalke 397  Dams sire:  Goffert 369
owned by: Roberto Bórquez.   Sonora, Mexico.  
Cel: 01152(1) 642 482 0150
Rienk Oan de alde Tramdyk 
Sire: Andres 415  Dam: Branie JJ 
owned by: Rafael Salazar 

Douwke G  "STER" 
Sire: Teunis 332 Pref  Dam: Frouke V STER  
owned by: Brenda Johnson 
Excalibur Breeding Center  
Freddy f/t Friesian Connection
Sire: Mintse 384 Sport  Dam: Elviera 
Owned by Henry A. Beiler
Pikes Peak Stables  570-547-7275

Tomke 'fan Panhuys "STER"
Sire: Dries 421 Sport
Dam: Wumke 'fan Panhuys Ster + Pref
Owned by Aaron Beiler
Maple Acres Farm 

Bocceilli Di Feather Dance
Sire: Teade # 392  Dam: Tjalline Fan "T" Westerskar 
Owned by Heather Braun 
Hidden Oaks Farm
Eise van 't oost (Ice Man)
Sire: Tsjerk #328  Pref 
Dam: Tjitske van 't Oost (STER)
Owned by Deb & Dave Hart
Pieter Z.  (1st Premie)
Sire: Rintse 386  Dam: Warber F. (STER)
Owned by Tom & Cole Steinbrink
Phone 419-967-0077
Harbor Havens Farms
5910 E Port Clinton Eastern Road
Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440 
Recognized member of
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FBHR STAR 2013 score 9.43%   
Sire: Wander 352 FPS  
Dam: Anita v.d. Himmen 
Owned by;  John & Christa Plank 
48 E County Road 100 N
Arthur, IL 61911
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Ramses v.L.
Sire:  Laes FPZV  Dam:  Tinka FPZV
Owned by Michael Fish
Phone: (509) 628-1704
Friesians in Color
Sire: Jorrit 363   Dam: Wietske ut 'e Polder  
Owned by Denny & Kathy Weybright
standing at Excalibur Breeding Center

Tritan "STER"
Sire:Andries 415 Sport   Dam: Onella fan 'e Barten Ster+Pref  
Owned by Double M Friesians
5028 W 900 N  
Milford IN 46542
Floyd M and Melvin Miller 

Gerben K. "STER" 
Sire: Jaspar 366 Sport+Pref
Dam: Mintsje T. Ster+Pref  
owned by: Enrique Martinez  
Monte Cristo Equestrian Center   

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Sire: Mintse 384 Sport   
Dam: Julija 19958030 Ster 
Owned by;  Shannon Hansell
Oak Hill Stables
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Tiresias aka "Mateus"
FPS 2006 1e premie
Sire: Remmelt 323 *  Dam: Anastasia Calya 
Owned by Justine Marshek 

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Sire: Ouke 313 Dam: Nieskje  
owned by: Bill Mullet   
5183 Aurora Rd
Mechanicstown, OH 44651

Picasso's Masterpiece
Barock Pinto 96.87% Friesian blood
Sire: Albano *  Dam: Tjiki von Rosenlund 
Owned by Jorge and Melissa Alvarez
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Phone: 954-394-2412 or 561-452-4555
Fax: 206-309-3364