Sanctioned stallions - Friesian Blood
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Sire: Jildert #299   Dam: Ursula 
Owned by Pamela A. Lee
6420 E. Tropicana Ave Lot 177,
Las Vegas, NV 89122 

Freerk S.    aka Keefe
Sire: Ulke  #338   Dam: Idske S. ster 
Owned by Excalibur Breeding Center
Photos at the right are from shows by the KFPS in Leeuwarden, Friesland, The Netherlands
See more photos from these shows by clicking on the Holland Trips page
Tjerk fan Bonnie View
FPS 1st Premie
FBHR 9.315 Excellence Award 2016
Sire: Tsjerk 328 Sport+Preferent   
Dam: Winke fan Bonnie View (STER)

Tall Pine Equine
Owned by Robert D. Yoder  216-299-6312

Sire: Remmelt 323  Dam: Princes Ramona 
Owned by Eric Curfman
Cante Winds Farm 
Friso van Laurel
Sire: Anton #343 Sport   Dam: Sofia vom Lindenbaum 
Owned by Jacob Esh   
1396 W Valley Road
Loganton, PA 17747

El Cuervo BG
Sire: Feike #395  Dam: Sjouke von Stratjebusch 
Owned by 
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Waldini von Valour
Sire: Ljibbe's Valour   Dam: Trude V. 
Owned by:  Ann Hamilton
(903) 821-8621
North Texas Friesians

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Recognized member 
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Sire: Pyt 325   Dam: Welske STER 
Owned by Michelle Crevier Gerukos 
Houston, Texas
Michelle Crevier Gerukos  or 
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Dolan f/t Friesian Connection
Sire: Mintse 384 Sport   Dam: Marlina de Feys FC 
Owned by ​Angel Portice
Superior Sporthorse
Pickford, MI 49774
(906) 647-2046

Sire: Bonte Bart   
Dam: Holde Van Emden ~ Friesian  
Owned by Lynn Schmidt 
Dream Gait Friesians ~ Fairborn Ohio  
Phone No: 937-231-6912
Sire: Jasper 366 Sport + Pref 
Dam: Mintsje T. Ster + Pref 
Owned by: Enrique Martinez 
Monte Cristo Equestrian Center
(630) 465-1930
Sire: Joey    Dam: Doublemint Nita Chiquita (Morgan) 
Owned by Lee Andrew Eicher
31037 W M 86
Colon, MI 49040

Willem Alexander
Sire: Sander #269   
Dam: Fimke D.~ Friesian  
Owned by Heartridge Performance Horses LLC  780-417-6638
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Sire: Lukas 324   
Dam: Tessa Markey ~ Friesian  
Owned by Suzette Kruse 
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J C Encore

Sire: Knight of Wild Rose  
Dam: JD’s Alivia M (DHH)
Owned by Earl Slabach - GEM Acres
260-593-0074 X 1
9.07 / 1st Premium / Star Award
Highest score @ all 2014 inspections​

Noah f/t Friesian Connection

Sire: Mintse 384 Sport  
Dam: Leda Ster
Owned by Dan Lantz Rock Run Friesians
9.7 / 1st Premium / Star Award

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